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Recommended Equipment


Boys Equipment Recommendations

Recommended Beginner Stick - Warrior Warp Next

Cascade CS-R Youth Helmet - Adjustable - Lasts 3+ years

Boys Lacrosse Starter Set - includes gloves, arm/elbow pads, shoulder/chest pads (MUST meet USAlacrosse standards - See below for NEW Regulations on Chest protectors as of 2022)

Mouth Guard



***At this time, the implementation date requiring that shoulder pads designed for boys’ lacrosse and meeting NOCSAE standard ND200 remains as January 1, 2022. USA Lacrosse and the NFHS are aware of concerns raised by some that there will not be enough products for the start of the 2022 season. Both governing bodies have spoken with multiple manufacturers and retailers, and they do not expect that current supply chain issues will affect the start of the season. USA Lacrosse & NFHS encourage consumers to consider multiple online and brick-and-mortar providers to find needed equipment. If there are any changes or new developments, USA Lacrosse & NFHS will provide additional updates.  For more information, please visit usalacrosse.com/lacrosse-chest-protector-faq.  (This includes any Goalie Gear)***


Girls Equipment Recommendations

The Hummingbird Girls Lacrosse Helmet (helmets are optional)

Girls Lacrosse Starter Set - includes stick, bags, goggles

Mouth Guard