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Grand Valley Lacrosse

Youth Play-Up Policy

It is the policy of Grand Valley Lacrosse (GVL) that each registered player will play in his/her age level as set forth by the Grand Valley Lacrosse Age & Eligibility Requirements.  However, individual requests to play-up may be considered by the Grand Valley Lacrosse Board, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Grand Valley Lacrosse recognizes that in certain situations, it may be appropriate and/or beneficial to a player’s development to play up to the next age level.  The GVL Board will consider and evaluate a player’s development potential in his/her actual age level versus potential for success in an older age level.  The GVL Board will also consider the fine balance between the best interest of a player requesting to play-up and the GVL teams and players in both their actual age level, as well as older level.

There is an increased risk of injury for participants playing outside of their actual age classification.

A player will not be permitted to move up more than one division.

Play-up requests are only considered if it is in the best interest of the player’s development and not for the parent(s), guardian(s) or coach(es) convenience.

Play-up requests will only be considered when the age appropriate team that the player will be leaving has 17 or more players.

Only requests submitted in writing by the participant’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be considered.   This request must be submitted and received by the GVL Board prior to the first day of practice for the Spring season.

The GVL Board will evaluate each play-up request.  Criteria for allowing a player to play-up will be based on the evaluation of the player’s skill and ability to contribute to the older team, the player’s emotional and physical maturity level compared to the older teams players, physical size and number of players at each level.  The play-up player must be projected to be a contributing player on the older team.  If the player is not projected to be a contributing player on the older team, then it is highly questionable whether playing up is truly in the best interest of the player or the team.

Alowing players to play-up from a non-checking division to a checking division represents the greatest risk and will therefore receive additional scrutiny.

The GVL Board’s decision is final.

Play-up requests are not guaranteed from year-to-year.  Play-up requests must be re-submitted each year for evaluation and approval.

Play-Up Request, Risk Acknowledgment and Liability Waiver