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Grand Valley Lacrosse 2022
Boys & Girls Lacrosse FAQs:


REGISTER EARLY: Save on cost of registration by signing up prior to January 31st
What is Grand Valley Lacrosse?

  • Grand Valley Lacrosse is a community based, nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to growing the great sport of lacrosse throughout Western Colorado.
  • We organize Boys & Girls competitive teams for our primary lacrosse season, spring, as well as travel teams, camps, clinics and indoor box lacrosse in the fall, winter, and summer.
  • In addition to our youth program, Grand Valley Lacrosse also provides the monetary funding for all four high school programs within Mesa County School District #51.  Boys and Girls at Fruita Monument High School, Grand Junction High School, Central High School and Palisade High School. 

Who coaches for GVLAX?

  • We have a mix of parents and young men & women who volunteer their time.  Many of our coaches have high school or college lacrosse playing experience.
  • We strongly encourage all of our coaches to participate in our coach certification program, which follows the recommendations of the Positive Coaching Alliance and US Lacrosse.
  • All GVLAX coaches pass a background check administered by NCSI and agree to our GVLAX Coaches Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy.

My child has no experience in lacrosse.  Can he/she play for Grand Valley Lacrosse?

  • Absolutely!  All boys and girls ages 6-15 are welcome to play for Grand Valley Lacrosse. Our experienced coaches do a fantastic job teaching inexperienced players about the skills, rules, and uniquely sportsmanlike culture of lacrosse.

What is the spring schedule for GVLAX?

  • Practices will begin 1st - 2nd week of March, final practice times will be posted closer to season start.
  • All GVLAX teams will conclude their official spring season the middle - end of May.
  • Many teams choose to participate in additional tournaments outside of the regular GVLAX season.  These additional tournaments are optional and participation does not impact a players standing with GVLAX.   
  • GVLAX Winter Box/Indoor Lacrosse will be held during the winter at The Skyline building. Visit our registration page to view any open clinics and registrations.

When and where are GVLAX practices held?

  • Teams will practice 2-4 times a week at CanyonView Park in Grand Junction.
  • Practice frequency is determined by age level.
  • Head coaches will determine the practice days and times for their teams.

Where are GVLAX games held?

  • Our annual home tournament (Quick Stix) will be held on April 23rd & 24th at CanyonView Park in Grand Junction.
  • All Boys & Girls teams will travel for away games to locations around Western Colorado such as Montrose, El Jebel, Edwards and Durango.
  • Each tournament consists of 4-5 games plus championship play.

What are the tournament dates for spring 2022?

  • April TBD - Montrose Lacrosse Tournament (Montrose)
  • April 23rd & 24th – GVLAX Quick Stix Tournament (Grand Junction)
  • April 30th & May 1st – Vail LAX JAM (Edwards)
  • May 7th & 8th – Aspen Lacrosse Shootout (El Jebel)

What is the registration fee for 2022?  

  • The NTE (U8) Beginner Lacrosse Registration fee will be $150.  U9-U15 Boys & Girls registration fee will be $275-$295.  All registrants must have US Lacrosse membership valid through May 31st.  ($30 cost if renewal is necessary).  Registration fee covers uniforms, our field rental expenses, lacrosse equipment including goals and balls, league fees, tournament fees, officials, coaching and educational expenditures, and administrative costs.
  • Scholarships are available to defray the cost of registration. Scholarship Information

Why are players required to have US Lacrosse membership?

  • Membership in US Lacrosse provides us with substantially lower insurance costs and provides our players with supplemental insurance.   US Lacrosse provides our sport with important safety research, rules, guidelines, and coaching development programs.
  • Most off-season lacrosse tournaments, camps and clinics by other providers require US Lacrosse membership as well, so you will save money in the future.
  • Our registration system is integrated with US Lacrosse membership.   If you need to purchase or renew US Lacrosse membership, you will be redirected to www.uslacrosse.org to sign up your child and then returned to our website to complete the registration process. 

How are teams formed?

  • Boys and Girls teams are determined by AGE or GRADE group (depending on registration numbers)
  • GVLAX follows the US Lacrosse guidelines for age brackets.  Click here for more info on Age Brackets:  US Lacrosse Age Brackets
  • Grand Valley Lacrosse will NOT allow a player to play DOWN, ever.

How do we know what team our child is on, and when his/her practices are?

  • Team rosters, practice schedules, and locations will be emailed to parents and posted on the website no later than Monday, March 12th.   Coaches will also email their teams as soon as possible after receiving their rosters.

What equipment do players need?

  • Boys must have a boys lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder/chest pads (Must comply with NEW safety requirements for 2022), elbow pads, a cup, and a mouthguard.  For more information, please visit usalacrosse.com/lacrosse-chest-protector-faq.
  • You can find a boys starter package for younger players at an excellent price. https://www.stx.com
  • Girls must have a girls lacrosse stick, goggles, mouthguard and optional gloves and helmet
  • You can find a girls starter package for younger players at an excellent price.   https://www.stx.com

Should I purchase any specific brand of stick or equipment?

  • Grand Valley Lacrosse does not endorse any specific brand of stick or equipment.  We generally encourage, but do not require, parents to purchase white helmets and white or black gloves so that players will have a “uniform” appearance on the field for us.

I have a question about lacrosse rules?  

  • Click here to view US Lacrosse Rules about game length, stick lengths, checking rules and more...